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Senior Studies Capstone

"My 2018-2022 Sketchbook" reflects my journey through college, as well as the skills of illustration and bookbinding I’ve nurtured throughout the last four years. Every drawing in this book was scanned from one of my college sketchbooks, of which there are about nine. Each drawing is a representation of my body and my mind, even though the figures all look different. I hope these inconsistencies allow people who read my comics or pick up this book to accept my drawings as representations of their own feelings. It was printed, sewn, glued, and bound by hand and was displayed from April 29 to May 29th in the St. Olaf College Art and Art History department’s Senior gallery show. I paired my sketchbooks with a five-piece series of small ceramic figures that I have lovingly titled "Symptoms of self-compassion".


There are five unique copies of "My 2018-2022 Sketchbook".

Materials: bookcloth, linen tape, bookboard, archival glue, waxed thread

Dimensions of each book: 6.65" x 8.10"

Symptoms of Self-Compassion

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